Hi, I'm Sam and I love love.

He loves me. (:
Good ole Tennessee backroads. #tennessee

made a new blog

needed a fresh start somewhere.


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ain&#8217;t nobody gettin around in that!

today was so stressful

first, we woke up to snowy sleet, no heat and the house being 55 degrees inside.

then the power was out in town, and both my belly and his truck’s gas tank were running on empty, but with no power there was nowhere to get either kind of fuel.

then i realized my debit card was missing. not in my wallet, my pocketbook or my jacket pockets. i freaked out.

i was snapping at everybody over everything because i was hungry. (thanks pregnancy..)

after we put oil back in the tank, went grocery shopping, drove 35 mph all the way home in the sleet covered roads, we got here to realize that the fan was running but the pump wasn’t heating our house. after many phone calls and the landlord’s son finally coming over we finally had heat again. our house temporarily smelt like kerosene and then it felt hot. much different from the rest of the day.

then i found my debit card! (in my work pants. of course..)

i feel like today has gone on forever. hoping tomorrow is better.

goodnight, tumblah!

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